Palomar StarLux 500 Intense Pulse Light (IPL) & Laser Complete Cosmetic System

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Palomar StarLux 500 Intense Pulse Light (IPL) & Laser Complete Cosmetic System

This StarLux IPL machine from Palomar is in good condition. As the improved version of the previous 300 model, the StarLux 500 is more powerful and can switch between IPL and laser technology depending on which handpiece is used. Its advanced cooling system allows it to be ready for use within one minute of plugging in a handpiece.

– Hair removal
– Acne treatment
– Leg vein lasers
– Laser hair removal
– Skin rejuvenation
– Acne treatment
– Wrinkle reduction
– Skin tightening
– Pigmented Lesions
– Brown Spots
– Skin Resurfacing
– Fractional ablative and non-ablative skin resurfacing
What’s Included?

– StarLux 500 Main Unit (REF 1520-5034), Qty: 1 
– LuxRs 500 Red Handpiece (REF 5520-RS26), Qty: 1
– LuxY 500 Yellow Handpiece (REF 5520-Y026), Qty: 1
– Lux1540 Fractional Laser Handpiece (REF 1520-1541HRR), Qty: 1
– 15 mm Laser Aperture Attachment, Qty: 1
– 10 mm Laser Aperture Attachment, Qty: 1
– Large/Small Palomar Handpiece Handle Attachments, Qty: 2
– IPL Safety Glasses (REF 82-0000-12), Qty: 2
– Laser Safety Glasses (REF 52-0002-10), Qty: 2
– Palomar Patient Laser Safety Goggles, Qty: 1
– Hospital-Grade Power Cord, Qty: 1  
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