Stryker CORE Console w/ Sumex 5400-130-000 Drill, (7) Attachments, Foot Pedal


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5400-130-000 Stryker CORE Sumex Drill Handswitch w/ Seven (7) Attachments
This CORE Sumex drill set from Stryker is in very good condition. A full list of the tray’s contents is shown below:
Stryker CORE Power Console Qty: 1
Stryker Multifuction Foot Pedal Qty: 1
Stryker Sumex Drill (REF 5400-130-000), Qty: 1
Stryker Saber Angled Attachment (REF 5100-120-452), Qty: 1
Stryker Saber Straight Attachment (REF 5100-120-450), Qty: 1
Stryker Maestro Medium Angled Attachment (REF 5400-210-52), Qty: 1
Stryker Saber Long Straight Attachment (REF 5100-120-470), Qty: 1
Stryker Saber Long Angled Attachment (REF 5100-120-472), Qty: 1
Stryker SD/PD MIS Medium Curved (REF 5100-120-922), Qty: 1
Stryker Saber Extra Long Angled Attachment (REF 5100-120-482), Qty: 1
Stryker Hand Switch (REF 5400-131-000), Qty: 1
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