Medtronic Covidien VTGEN Evident MWA Ablation Generators – Cart


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 Medtronic Covidien VTGEN Evident MWA Ablation Generators – Cart

The Evident™ ablation system uses microwave energy to create more time-efficient ablations, with less dependence on tissue and tissue temperature than radiofrequency ablation (RFA). This makes microwave energy less susceptible to radiofrequency impedance and perfusion.

Evident™ MWA antennas can be used alone or in clusters providing a variety of techniques for ablation of multiple and large, nonresectable, soft-tissue lesions.

This Covidien Evident MW Ablation system is in good cosmetic and working condition.

What’s Included?

– (3) Covidien Evident MW Ablation Consoles
– (1) Covidien VTCART Roll Cart
– Power Supplies

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